The Swords of Power

It is known that Golarion once existed as an advanced world called Dakara. This world was purged by the gods and made to start a new during a time called “The Change.” After the veil of dust and darkness lifted from the previous ages of the world, and primitive peoples groped for a foothold in their new world, it is said, that in this time, the gods posed upon mortality a great Test. Not much is known to mortals about this god-given test except that it centers on twelve divinely created,
magical swords.

Torag forged the Swords in the Kodar Mountains. He conscripted mortal men from a nearby village as assistants. Torag completed each Sword by quenching it in human blood, sacrificing his assistants one by one. Only one man survived the forging, who lost one arm to the quenching process. The swords were then scattered throughout Golarion, and the gods have suffered mortals to do with them as they will, only intervening very seldom, and usually in the form of a messenger, who comes to take a Sword from one who has completed the Test, leaving a gold coin as “payment.”

The Swords are all physically identical in design, all crafted from Sky Metal. Each Sword has a bright, double-edged blade a meter long, that is a centimeter at its thickest, and has a simple black hilt with a straight crossbar. The metal of the blade is mottled, with a subtle translucent pattern that seems to extend to impossible depths. The hilt is an unknown black material, hard but also comfortable. The Swords are all surgically sharp and resistant to all forms of damage. They never rust, dull, tarnish, or soil.

The overall construction of the blade is described as simple and elegant, not ornate or flashy, despite the illustrations featured by some of Golarion’s more famous artists.

A Sword can only be distinguished from its companions by a unique white symbol etched into one side of its hilt. In addition to each Sword’s magical properties, all can also serve as peerless conventional blades, due to their perfect balance, extreme sharpness, and indestructible nature.

See also the Song of the Swords.

The Swords of Power

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